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  2. poem of the day

    my poem "Aubade With Burning City" is The Poetry Foundation’s Poem of The Day. look, mommy, i made it! listen to my voice reading it HERE


  3. There’s enough light to drown in
    but never enough to enter the bones

    & stay.
    — Tonight’s Cantab feature is Kundiman fellow and 2013 Pushcart Prize winner Ocean Vuong! This is from his poem “DetoNation,” as published in Poetry. (via bostonpoetryslam)

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    Designer Goula Figeura’s Orwell day bed lets you easily shut yourself off from the outside world with its light and noise-cancelling curtains.

    Team Comfy

    Listen - no one would even know I was in the house if I had this.

    A fort for adults!!

    I want this fort!

    I need this! I would definitely sleep better.



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    I know if I go I’ll die happy

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    Happy October 1st, folks!

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    I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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  9. - How’d you get this?

    It wasn’t exactly… legal…

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  10. Anonymous said: Who are your favorite poets?

    human beings :)


  11. a bit of red in solidarity with my queer brothers and sisters who are in need of safe spaces right now. thank you for sharing this earth and hour with me. through your breath my air is sweeter. through your presence i am brave as the brightest flower. 


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    All lost in a book.  Another image that will never make it into the mainstream media.

    always reblog

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    First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

    this is the most important thing right now.

    this gave me goose bumps

    This is insane. Wow

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  14. I walked right off the cliff
    thinking there really was
    a thirteenth month.
    — Ocean Vuong

  15. Anonymous said: ocean -- recently, I read your poem "Aubade with Burning City" and I cried. I haven't cried in a long time. thank you. -g

    wow. i don’t know what to say. thank you so much for reading. i’m glad the poem touched you. i cried, too, while writing it. but sometimes i cry just looking out the window. thank you for being here wiht me on earth. —ocean